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Broadband Sitemap & Index

> Welcome
    Front page and introduction to broadband
> Broadband defined
    Description of broadband and its advantages
> Broadband vs. Dial-up
    Comparison of features between broadband & dial-up


> Types of Broadband
    Basic information on the different types of broadband

>> DSL
      Types of Digital Subscriber Line connections
>> Cable
      Description of cable internet
      Description of the first iteration of broadband
>> Satellite
      Description of satellite internet delivery
>> Wireless
      Description of the popular WiFi standard


> Comparing Broadband Speeds
    Illustrates the differences between broadband connections
> Speed Myth
    Explaining the mystery of data speed


> Frequently Asked Questions
    Common questions with easy to understand answers
> Broadband Glossary
    Common terms and acronyms used in broadband lingo
> Resources & Links
    Additional sites for research on broadband

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